It's no secret that higher education is expensive these days. Many universities are proposing tuition increases, to the dismay of the students. In Florida, a large portion of students already attending university have a scholarship known as "Bright Futures"

Application for the popular Bright Futures program

While Bright Futures provides many students with a scholarship, many people fall through the cracks for some reason or another and do not recieve it. Not to worry- as in Florida, there are many other fantastic scholarship opportunities to be had. Even those who already have a Bright Futures scholarship might want to give some of these a shot.

This is a site dedicated to providing all of the information one could possible need on getting a scholarship, specifically in Florida. Everything is right here, from a list of wonderful scholarship opportunities, to tips on searching and applying for scholarships. This is a comprehensive guide to getting money for college- because, as the picture below illustrates, college is expensive.

One semester at the University of Florida costs nearly $3,000