Gainesville is home to many great bars, clubs, college haunts and restaurants, however a few can be categorized as little known secrets. For example, Leonardo’s Pizza by the Slice, 1245 W. University Ave., one hour before closing sells its pizza for buy one get one free.

Burrito Bros.

Burrito Brothers Taco Co.

Burrito Brothers Taco Co. has been a Gainesville classic since the late 1970’s. Burrito Brothers is located at 1402 W. University Ave. behind the Presbyterian Student Center. Burrito Brothers actually shares the space with the student center creating an interesting atmosphere that makes Burrito Brothers even better. Burrito Brothers is known for their homemade guacamole that is available until they sell out, there is a green “GUAC” light next to the ordering window to let customers know if it's available.

Bay Island Coffe Co.

Bay Island Coffee Company

The Bay Island Coffee Companyis located at 3270 SW 35th Blvd. across the Chili’s in Butler Plaza. The Bay Island Coffee Company is the locally owned and an organic alternative to Starbucks. The Bay Island Coffee Company offers delicious drinks and food items at the right price. Even though the coffee shop is an island in a parking lot no larger than a tollbooth, the staff brews delicious coffee. Bay Island Coffee is a coffee lover’s dream and one of Gainesville’s little–literally–known secrets.