Aerial tricks are often the most impressive quality of this type of dance, and what most people think of when they hear of the art. Of course, it's important to know proper safetytips, and be sure to mount your equipment properly before attempting any kind of trick, but they're always fun to watch!

In the aerial world, a "trick" typically refers to any movement that isn't a basic climb, mount, or lock. They are what makes up the choreography of performances and can range from very simple movements to complex drops, spins, and falls.

Like most things in life, the mantra "practice makes perfect" especially applies in aerial dance. It may take many tries and rehearsals for your body to even build up the strength it needs to complete the trick or manuever, but paired with a healthy diet, proper stretching and a good mindset, it will come sooner than later.

For your inspiration, watch a clip of what the aerial club at UF is doing. You can also see more tricks on lyra and trapeze at Cirque du Soleil's official YouTube channel, found here.

Aerial Silk, UF Aerial Club Rehearsal

This was a rehearsal of a duet by two members for their spring showcase on April 22 shot by Kim Libby.