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What I mean is, “Don’t eat that, Kat.”

My name is Holly, and I am this close to graduating from college. I am also what some would call a “food snob” and a “health nut.”

This is my roommate and best friend, Kat:Kat, best friend

The frequency with which I tell my best friend what to eat, and the enthusiasm with which I do it (that is, very loudly), has become a running joke. If I see one of my beloved friends, family members, or even myself, about to ingest something subpar, this is the first thing I think.

She is just as close as I am to graduating college but is neither a food snob nor a health nut. I have spent the entire three years of our friendship trying to change that, which has resulted in my extensive knowledge of eating inexpensive, healthy, tasty food that is both satisfying and long-lasting.

Eating on the cheap is easy: All you need is creativity.

First, figure out what you want to eat and what your body needs. Then, go shopping. Get inspired by some cool people, and make sure you know why it's so important.

Then just put it together.

Even if you are, like my bestie always says, "Lazy, crazy and exhausted," eating well isn't too hard.