Song Structures

Chords are another great way to start making music. Knowing a few basic chords can unlock hundreds of songs, so I figured, what could be better on a page that is teaching people how to get started.

When you look at the chord diagrams below, pretend you are watching someone else holding a guitar. The strings are highlighted so you can see them, the numbers on the bottom of the diagram tell you which fret is which. Fret number 1, is the first fret on your fretboard, after your headstock. If you see a circle on a string, that means your finger should go there. Hold your fingers in all the places the diagram says too, at the same time, and than strum. After enough practice you can move quickly between chords to play songs.

the E chord

E chord diagram

the C chord

C chord diagram

the G chord

G chord diagram

The F chord

F chord diagram

Thats that

These four chords sound good together, you can play them in any order, strum them, or pick them out. Keep in mind there are 100's of chords out there, I just wanted to start small. Plenty of famous songs have been based on major chords like the ones you just learned. Do "Stairway to Heaven," "Sweet Child of Mine," and "Sweet Home Alabama," ring a bell?