Take Your Shot

A minimalistic approach to the grandiloquent world of photography

Find your muse, your favorite spot, a special dish, anything, and go on and take pictures of it. Take various shots and stare at the invisible in every angle. Photograph the smiles of inanimate objects and capture the undistinguishable ones. Save memories for tomorrow and explore the infinite possibilities.

All you need is a camera and an open heart.

On photography

Don't forget:

-Lenses and cameras do make a difference, but for the average photographer –anyone-, a digital camera will do. Expensive does not always means better quality. Nothing beats good disposition and repetition, just take more pictures.

-Lightening is fundamental. If you are close to the object you are focusing on the picture’s quality will be better.

-You don’t need macro-lenses in order to do get some minimal details. If you can prevent the camera from shaking, do it. use a tripod whenever possible.

-Generally it is also a good idea to select simple backgrounds when we are focusing a specific object.

-There are many technical things you could keep in mind, but don’t forget to have fun and enjoy. Photography is never just a job, it is a full-time passion.

Beyond the hobby

You don’t have to be a Photography Major to make profit out of it. If you want to get remunerated you can certainly do it.

Amateur photographer Felipe Jimenez gives us tips on how to do so. He has worked for marketing campaigns, social organizations and UF has hired him to take pictures for theUniversity of Florida website. He is only a second year Advertising Student and has found in his hobby a reliable source of income.

L. Felipe Jimenez is already in charge of his own Photography Studio "Luis Antonio Photography".