Nature Photography

A minimalistic approach to the grandiloquent world of photography

…It's everywhere, in the air we breathe, in the rain that pours and in the buildings' shadows. It surrounds us with colors and sounds; it’s who we are, what we do and what we’ll become.

Nature Shots

Nature photography is a lot more than a frame of green and blue splash. It's the detention of a bird’s movement, a drop of color and the sound of a river.

Here are some SIGHTS from Sweden, Italy, Spain and Germany –For additional details and explanations refer to the Europe Portfolio



"A relished past is the best decoration for your future..."

We see our own interpretation of that single frame. That’s the beauty of it all. Nature photography turns into an interactive subject so that we may indulge.

Masca, Canary Islands

You are defining and saving a moment, Berlin, Germanynot making it up. Take the shoot without distressing the subject; do not harm it.

Tip: This is nature photography, animal photography, photography in general. You want it free, natural and undisturbed.