Man-Made Marvels

A minimalistic approach to the grandiloquent world of photography

. . . Ours

Photography is a very active component of modern society. We count on its precision and reliability. It keeps track of what we’ve done and what we have changed. Scenarios all over the world have been transfixed forever with man-made additions to the horizons.

Photography helps us track those elements that characterize generations and help us remember the past. We have artificial lighting, boats over rivers and majestic buildings accompanying all forms of life. A photograph is the safest souvenir that will allow us to go back to the visited places from the comfort of our very own sofas.

Gdynia, Poland Berlin, Germany Venice, Italy

Photographers have a hard time agreeing on one single definition. The simple suggestion: Go out there and shot your own characterization of photography.

Don’t try making the intangible tangible; understand it and apply it to your own art.

Picture it and make it -yours

Tip: The ideal time to take photographs is when the sun is low in the sky.