J. Brian Photography

A minimalistic approach to the grandiloquent world of photography

The Oxford English Dictionary defines photography as “The process, practice, or art of taking photographs; the business of producing and printing photographs.”

For the less pragmatic eye photography is a matter of passion and creativity, an art of the senses, and only through the senses it comes alive. It's an international language and the most efficient way to travel.

This is a site for those, a place to sit back and enjoy SIGHTS from across the Ocean.

Behind the Lens

Born twenty four years ago, Jorge lives in the Canary Islands -also known as the Fortunate Islands- one of those rare places where the natural beauty rivals dreams, or where dreams are born out of the exuberant beauty.

A Medical School graduate and an artist, Jorge Brian started experimenting with charcoal drawings when he was very young. He has moved on to the very fascinating world of professional photography, and camera in hand documents his trips.

Stockholm, Sweden

Photography, like charcoal drawings, takes from both –artist and subject- and blends in interpretation and timing. In addition, Jorge likes his work to be the unintentional result of natural and accidental scenarios.

A “Canario”, he is used to the canvas-like sights that enclose his daily routine. He now shares his Europe Portfolio with us.

Here you will find a short introduction and tips to start discovering just a few subcategories of this practice.