Every incoming college freshman has the option of living on campus. For some it's a great experience and they choose to live there all four years. For others it's a nightmare. The thing is that you just can't beat the location. Many of your dorms will be only minutes from your classes, giving you the ability to roll out of bed at 8 a.m. for an 8:30 class while all of your friends have been up for over an hour. Dorms are also a great way to meet people. The residence halls put on lots of fun programs you can attend to get free food and make some new friends.


1. Location
2. Opportunities to meet people
3. Security


1. Parking
2. Having to share a room
3. Community bathroom
4. Other residents who aren't as clean as you in common areas like the kitchen

Lauren LaLuzerne is a University of Florida freshman who chose to live in the dorms for her first year of college. You can learn her opinions on dorm life and check out some pictures of where she lives to get a better idea of dorm life by watching the presentation below

Here's how to get information on the dorms at the University of Florida. You can see floor plans of the dorms and what kind of ammenities each residence area has to offer.

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