Living off campus is probably the most popular choice. With such a limited number of spaces in the dorms, college towns are full of apartment complexes and properties you can rent. They're great in that a lot of the time you can get your own bathroom and a kitchen you don't have to share with dozens of other people. However, what you pay will definitely be what you get. Whether it's distance from campus or general condition of the complex, price is the all-determining factor.


1. Own bedroom/bathroom
2. Washer and dryer inside of your apartment
3. Ease of parking


1. Distance from campus
2. Having to take the bus every day
3. Unreliable maintenance
4. Dont' know the condition of your actual apartment

Katharina Perez is a University of Florida junior who made the decision to live off campus after living in the dorms for several years. You can watch the presentation below to learn about how she chose where she was going to live and see pictures from The Estates, her apartment complex.

After recently completing my own apartment hunt, here are a few of the websites I used to choose which complex I'm going to live in. One of my favorite features was the ability to narrow the list of complexes down by price range and what ammenities I wanted.

Gainesville Rent
Apartment Ratings-Gainesville