Lessons Learned from a Sommelier and Wine Teacher

I learned a lot from my former wine teacher, Massimo Coppetti. He taught me not just about wine, but about how deeply the Italian culture is connected to wine. Massimo teaches at Apicius International School of Hospitality in Florence, Italy. I took two classes taught by him, Pairing Food with Wine and Italian Wine and Culture.

Top four things I learned from Massimo

  1. Moderation, moderation, moderation
    Wine is so much more than just an alcoholic drink, but since it does contain alcohol, you must always be careful how much you drink.
  2. Every glass of wine tells a story
    When you drink a glass of wine, try and think about where it has come from and all of the work and passion that went into creating it. There are so many hands that had a part in making the wine and it can be interesting to think about how all of that has come together in the glass you are now enjoying
  3. Quality of life should equal the quality of your wine and food
    Cheap wine is not Italian culture. Only drinking the cheapest wine you can find will limit you and give you a bad impression of what wine really means.
  4. Wine is apart of the culture and traditions of Italy
    This strong tradition links the past, the present and the future of Italy all together.