Why wine?

Grapes at an Italian vineyard

Are you interested in wine but not sure where to start or how to start? Have you ever had trouble picking a bottle of wine or even how to open a bottle correctly?

These are some of the basics to drinking wine that may seem like a total mystery, but with a little practice can be mastered by anyone.

Wine is something that can be appreciated by everyone. It shouldn't be something that people feel is too intimidating or advanced to learn about.

The purpose of the website is to make young people feel more comfortable about wine and lessen their anxiety surrounding wine.

I know when I first started learning about wine while studying in Italy I felt slightly overwhelmed and unsure, especially with the introduction of new wine terminology.

My best advice is don't worry if you do not know what tannic, acidity, terroir or reserve wine means. Have fun, learn something new and always remember to drink responsibly. Or as my Italian wine teacher would remind my class, "Moderation is key!"