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<title> Woman Guide to Happiness </title>


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<a href="index.html"> To Happiness</a>

<a href="jesusjuice.html"> Wine Time </a>

<a href="activities.html"> Activities </a>

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<a href="shrinktime.html"> Therapy </a>

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<h1>My first tip for being happy and single is to stay far away from the razor blades.</h1>

<h1> Just kidding. But seriously, as a single women,you have to step outside of the comfort of cynicism and chronic morbidity to

take positive steps toward being happier.</h1>

<h1> A close friend once told me, "Happiness is a choice," and I'm a firm believer in this philosophy.

<h1>Becoming happier isn't a matter of rocket science, but changing a few ways you do things could make a

significant impact on your well-being.</h1>

<h1>This isn't a gimmick,just cold-hard evidence that you can achieve happiness by making a few lifestyle changes for the better.</h1><img src="images2/sadlady.jpg" align="right"/>

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<h1>If you're a young single woman living in America, you might be asking yourself, "Why me?" "How did I get so unlucky?"

or "Where's my Prince Charming?" But now is the time to let insecurities and debbie-downer statements fall by the wayside. <br>

<h1>No more “I’m so lonely,” or “I’ll never find love.” It’s time for a new declaration of independence for women,

and it's uber important that women understand that there are tons of opportunities for fun that range outside of the scope of a relationship.</h1>

<h1> Taking hold the reigns in your life is the first step in journey of growth, maturity and acceptance.  </h1>

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<h1>The best way to embrace life is to stop moping about what you don’t have, and appreciate the beauty of what you're blessed to have.

My mother would always said “While you’re wishing for what someone else has, there’s someone out there wishing for what you have,”

and I think, in a lot of cases, that proves true.</h1>

<h1> I know, I know, Lifetime movie network can really make it seem as you have a custom-made vehicle to ride down Spinster Lane, but that's

just a failure to recognize changing times. </h1>

<h1>In modern times, women must learn that cultural norms are constantly shifting, and just

because relationships don't operate in a traditional fashion, doesn't mean they're wrong.</h1>

<h1> I think being single is especially difficult in the young years when serial dating and

social functions are going on all around you, but believe it's for the better.</h1>

<h1>When you're single, you have more time to invest toward bettering yourself and building your identity.

Essentially, being happy and single take strength, discipline and patience. </h1>

<h1>A strong support system is also integral. It may not be a boyfriend who functions as your significant

other, but having a few good friends can be even better.</h1>

<h1>When Forest Gump said "Life is like a box of chocolates," he wasn't kidding. You really don't know what you're going to get and

the best thing you can do is make do. You know the whole lemonade out of lemon thing, right?</h1>

<a href="jesusjuice.html">Let's Have a Drink</a>

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<h1>“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson</h1>

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<a href="index.html"> To Happiness</a>

<a href="jesusjuice.html"> Wine Time </a>

<a href="activities.html"> Activities </a>

<a href="booklist2.html"> Reading Tree </a>

<a href="knocksoxoff.html">Recipes</a>

<a href="shrinktime.html">Therapy</a>


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