Lactose-free meals

If you're looking for a meal where you don't have to worry about taking a lactase supplement or watching how much dairy you eat, don't worry! There are plenty of delicious options out there. Just don't forget the importance of getting enough calcium in your diet.


Lunch is fairly easy to get by with. Mayonaisse is lactose-free and can be combined with fresh deli meat or processed meats if they don't have milk products. Vegan, soy or lactose-free (dairy-free) cheese is also available in many grocery stores and can be added to your sandwich with no worries. Try Italian bread for a bread free of milk products.

If you don't want meat on your sandwich, hummus makes a great sandwich spread (or cracker dip). Add onions, tomato and spinach for a healthy burst of flavor. This sandwich is good with or without cheese.


Dinner is easy too--unless, of course, you are craving pizza or alfredo sauce. However, it is easy enough to substitute a lactose-free milk for regular milk in a homemade alfredo sauce. One recipe that is full of flavor and nutrients is a Hawaiian-style rice dish with sweet-and-sour roasted bell peppers, pineapple and cashews. Check out my review and the original recipe.


Although the majority of desserts are traditionally full of dairy products, there are plenty of dairy-free alternatives. Many of these can be found by searching for dairy-free or vegan versions of desserts like cookies and cakes, which would otherwise contain lactose.

On the other hand, some great desserts don't contain any dairy. Angel food cake, which is often topped with strawberries mixed with sugar and some water, is a delightful dessert option. Fruit popsicles and sorbets qualify, too.