Posting your audio online

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All the hard work is done (you've researched, recorded and edited your audio). Now it's time to upload your podcast and unleash it on the world!

Let's talk briefly about the terms used in podcasting.

There are a number of ways to upload your podcast - some a great deal more complicated than others. I'm going to stick to the easiest and most straightforward ways here, but feel free to experiment with XML code and create it from scratch. You will also need server space if you choose to write the code and host it yourself.

Here is an example of an easy way to create a podcast channel without writing any code yourself. I've created a channel for the recordings on the Recording page on Podcast Machine. I uploaded all the MP3 files to the channel. Users can subscribe to my channel by subscribing to the RSS feed. Subscribe to this feed to get all the latest updates on recording audio for the web.

You can also use services like Audioboo or Podomatic that allow you to record a podcast and automatically post them online. (See the Resources section of the Recording page for more information on these websites).


iTunes icon

You can upload your podcast to iTunes for free. Like adding your videos to Youtube, this is a good way to create a bigger audience for your podcast. It's really easy. If you do not have iTunes on your computer you will need to download it before you can upload the podcast. You will also need to upload your podcast to the web before you can add it to iTunes.

Submit Podcast window
  1. Open iTunes and click on the iTunes Store.
  2. Open the Podcasts tab.
  3. Click Submit a Podcast.
  4. Enter the URL of your podcast and click Continue.
  5. Pick a category for your podcast. That way people with specific interests can find your podcast.
    Otherwise your podcast might get lost up there in the cloud!
  6. Submit.

It generally takes 24 hours for the podcast to be added so check back the next day to see if it's there.

If you have not added your podcast to an online directory you can use this Apple app to write the XML code for you.