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Recording audio can seem like a daunting task. But once you know the basics and practice with your equipment it's quite straightforward. So don't worry, just remember to practice and be sure you are prepared before you start recording!

This website will give you tips on preparing and researching before you even start to record, recording audio, editing your recordings and posting the finished product online. There are also links to other online resources on every page that can help you make high quality audio packages or podcasts for the web.

If you are looking for advice or information on specific equipment you won't find it here but the resources section will help you find your way to sites that can help.

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Why listen to me?

That's me!

My name is Paula Cunniffe and I'm a graduate student in the Telecommunications department at the University of Florida. My journalistic experience to date has been focused in radio, both news and documentary. I worked in a production company in Ireland called Athena Media and also worked as an independent producer on a five-part radio series which was broadcast on Irish radio.I've worked as a reporter for a local radio station in Dublin called Dublin South FM and for RTE, the national Irish broadcaster. For more information on me feel to check out my resume.

I am not an expert on all aspects of recording. That's why should take a look the Recording page and listen to an interview with someone who is - Tom Krynski is Director of Radio News at the University of Florida. Tom is an expert on making audio packages and has some great tips to share with anyone starting out, or looking to brush up on their recording techniques.

If you'd like some practical advice on making good recordings you can also listen to recorded examples that illustrate good (and bad) audio recordings.

If you have a specific question that is not covered on the website you can contact me directly. Or, if you've found the next best recording tool, editing tool, or podcast directory let me know. Likewise I'll update this website with the latest resources as I find them.

Best of luck and happy recording!