Personal Tips: From Me to You

Even I have battled with procrastination.So, don't feel ashamed. We've all been there. Do you feel like you can't relate with the professional tips? Well, here are some strategies that got me through.

First and foremost, get a planner! I know you've heard it all before, right? Well it's true. If used diligently and everyday, a planner can really help. By writing in them everyday you will constantly remind yourself of what you have to do, how much there is to be done and how much time it will take.

Second, don't beat yourself up. I get stressed out alot and sometimes that makes me want to put off assignments for a while until I can get my head on straight. A little stress is sometimes the push you need to get moving and get something done. But too much, and you'll just worry and make matters worse.

Taking small breaks in between studying helps me to refocus once I feel out of control and tired. Breaks help me to revatilize my will to study.I usually try to do something I enjoy or something that won't take long to finish like reading a chapter of a favorite book, doing the dishes, talkta loved one or even taking a walk.

Try to do a little bit at a time, so you don't feel overwhelmed at the last minute.

Know what study habits work for you and stick with them.