You Think It Can't Happen To You, Don't Wait Until The Last Minute

Procrastination is the deadliest waiting game there is. And once you run out of's over. Okay, so it might not be deadly and it might not be over, but it can cause uneeded stress, sleepless nights and some bad grades. Here are some personal accounts from other students on the consequences of their procrastination.

Colin Murphy, Sophomore Economics Major

"I've forgotten to turn in papers, missed tests, so, bad things," Murphy said on the things that have happened to him after he procrastinated. "Really, just any free time that you have doing work, like in between commercials on t.v. and just doing as much as you can during those times," Murphy commented on what students and people could do to help overcome procrastination.

Ali Hart,20, Animal Science, Animal Biology major

"Failed an exam. It just makes me stressed out. The night before the exam, I can't even look at a book, I'm so behind, I can't even try to study even a little bit," Ali said on her worst experience with procrastination.

Mallory Mattson

"Every project at the last minute, every assignment the night before, papers, ugh it's terrible." Mallory said on how much procrastinates. "My work is just not as good as it could be. If I put more effort I think my grades would improve because of it." Mattson said on the worst that has happened.