Karma Cream Sign

an interview with Payal Patel

When I walk to campus, I constantly pass that little sign to the right. Isn't that the best sign you've ever seen? Anyways, after seeing this sign every week, one day my curiosity peaked. I walked into Karma Cream and it has become one of my favorite places for cupcakes in the whole city, maybe even the world. I'm always taking out of town friends to this place or bring them something from there. And after tasting the delicious cupcakes, when I took this project on I figured this was my chance to interview the baker. Her name is Payal Patel. She's the nicest person ever and I'm really glad she let me come into her shop and film. She made a business out of a hobby and loves what she does. I sat down with her one day and got to film the whole thing. Below is my interview with her, I hope you enjoy!