where to get 'em

Below are my top 5 favorite places for cucapkes in Gainesville, Florida. They're all equally as good and each one specialize in something different. I hope you can find what you're looking for.

Volta Chocolate Vanilla Bean
Where: 48 Southwest 2nd St | 352.271.4361
Why You Gotta Go: Volta is definitely more commonly known for their coffee and tea brewing than their pastries, but don't overlook this place. The cupcakes are cold and perfectly compliment a cup of joe. They don't need any fancy tricks; simplicity is what they do best. This is the place for a perfect a classic chocolate or vanilla cupcake. The frosting to cake ratio is right on point too. They're traditional in every sense, and trust me that's not a bad thing.

Uppercrust Cupcake
Where:4116 NW 16th Blvd | 352.376.7187
Why You Gotta Go: Widely known around Gainesville for breads and pastries, Uppercrust is a staple for baked goods. But this classic bakery is anything but classic when it comes to cupcakes. Yes, that is a cupcake to the left. It doesn't have frosting, but it doesn't need it. A cream-filled center keeps this cupcake completely unconventional, yet oh-so delicious.

Maude's Red Velvet Cupcake
Maude's Classic Cafe
Where:101 SE 2nd Pl | 352.336.9646
Why You Gotta Go: Located in the heart of downtown Gainesville, Maude's is one of the best places to relax and enjoy some time with friends. The independent cafe is known for it's coffee and desserts. While all the deserts here are good, the cupcakes can't be missed. Maude's is a wild card when it comes to the treats, sometimes traditional and sometimes eclectic. Either way, make sure you grab a cup of joe when you do and take a seat on the terrace. Maybe even grab a board game, they're free to Maude's customers.

Karma Cream Chocolate Raspberry Cabernet Cupcake
Karma Cream
Where: 1025 West University Ave | 352.505.6366
Why You Gotta Go: Located on University Avenue, Karma Cream is a vegan-friendly bakery with some of the best sweet treats in Gainesville. While their mostly known for a wide variety of ice cream, the cupcakes served here can't be missed. The baker, whose name is Payal Patel and featured on my interview page, manages to transform almost anything into a delicious cupcake bite. And everyday provides for a new kind of cupcake concoction.

Sarkara Cupcake Unavailable
Sarkara Sweets
Where: 201 SE 2nd Ave | 1.877.YUM.CAKE
Sarkara Sweets, also known as Yum Cupcakery, is one of the few cupcake only shops in Gainesville. And they make sure everyone can enjoy one since they sell Gluten-Free chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. Sarkara also specializes in non-traditional flavored cupcakes, like Taro and Pistachio. And when you do, make sure to talk a walk around the beautiful downtown scenery.