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Why Cuban Food?

Family History

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Welcome to my website, Cooking Cuban Cuisine! My name is Lindsey Tercilla and I’m a senior at the University of Florida, Go Gators! I’ve created this site to serve as a place of learning, as I am confident that anyone who can follow a recipe can learn to cook.

I began to cook only three years ago, and I learned via email and phone. We’ll get to that later, though.

You may be wondering how I would be qualified to give cooking advice, which is why this page is so important. In order to better understand my passion for cooking Cuban food, you must first understand my ancestry.

In 1968, my grandmother left Cuba with her five-year-old daughter, my mother. With her husband forced to stay behind, she found herself penniless in a new country with only the clothes on her back. Like many Cubans that came over in the first wave, my grandparents were professionals in their country. My grandmother was a teacher and my grandfather was an accountant.

My Abuela, that’s Spanish for grandma, lost her mother when she was only nine years old. She was taught to cook by her two older sisters, and it's a skill she has passed down to her own two daughters and granddaughter.

When I started college my grandmother stressed the importance of learning to cook. It was a necessity for finding a husband, she said. So each week my grandmother would send me a recipe via email, in Spanish, and we’d translate it together. I’d call her from Publix as I did my shopping, and I’d keep her on speaker phone as I cooked.

My recipes have been modified to be convenient for beginners of all ages. They require no cooking wine, as I wasn’t allowed to buy it legally when I began to cook. I have translated each recipe into English, and I’ve included a sidebar with each recipe of tips from my grandma.

I hope you will find this website useful and easy to navigate. Feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions you may have at: ltercilla@ufl.edu

You can also contact me via Linkedin and Twitter.

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