Guide To Ultra Music Festival


When searching NastyGal and Urban Outfitters for the trendiest concert gear, keep in mind what you’ll be doing - running around for 12-hour days in a park where dust and dirt will fill your nose by nightfall. I agree that it’s important to look cute, but recognize the fact that your clothes will take a serious beating.

Ultra Music Festival welcomes EDM fans from all walks of life, each of them sporting a different festy look. From hipsters donning wide-rimmed glasses and skin-tight pants, to kandi kids sporting arms full of bracelets and fuzzy boots, the wardrobe options are endless.

My personal preference, and suggestion, is the iconic neon outfit - a bright-colored top, comfortable shorts and your choice between super-fresh Nike dunks or classic converses. Watch my soundslides video on the left to learn how to create your Ultra 2013 outfit!

Editor’s note: While you’re perfecting your wardrobe, leave your Ray-ban sunglasses at home and opt for the plastic ones that wont leave you hysterical if they’re stepped on or lost.