What is a romantic comedy

My name is Samantha Shavell and I am movie fanatic. Living up to the girl stereotype, one of my favorite types of movies are romantic comedies. I like them for the reason most people do - it is an escape. For about two hours, I get to watch a happy ending unfold and forget all the problems in my life. Unfortunately, when the movie ends, I am brought back to reality.

But the romantic comedy - or as they are often referred to: chick flicks or romcoms - are a staple in the modern film industry. Although they rarely win critically acclaimed awards, they are box office hits. However, that comes with reservations. Men see these movies as two hours of watching two people waste their time. Women see these movies as a dream that they wish would happen to them. Either way, these movies have become hits. One reason is because they satisfy viewers' needs to escape (like my own). Not only do viewers laugh, but they get two hours to believe that true love really exists. They get two hours to believe that you can truly find your soul mate in an elevator or a chance encounter at a coffee shop, which is how most of these movies start. Almost all romantic comedies have the same plot. For more on that, visit the formula page. However, some newer films are trying to breakaway from the plot. Whether it was achieved or not is up to interpretation. And whether these movies make you laugh or make you want to tear your eyes out, they have a place in the film industry.

One of my favorite romantic comedies of all time is "Roman Holiday." It is a cute story of a princess who hides her true identity to be a normal person for a day. Below is the trailer from this 1953 classic.

For further reading about romantic comedies, check out these books: "What Have Clothes Got To Do With It?: Romantic Comedy and the Female Gaze," "Hollywood Romantic Comedy: State of the Union" and "The Hollywood Romantic Comedy."