Depending on the part of a hookah that is being cleaned, cleaning must be done daily or weekly. If there are any questions to what part is being referenced, please visit the anatomy page. Remember, this guide merely shows the basic on cleaning. For a comprehensive cleaning guide, please visit Hookah Company's How To Clean A Hookah.

The Bowl

The bowl of the hookah is the part that must be cleaned every smoking session. Use lukewarm water and a handtowel to scrub away burnt shisha from a previous smoking session into a garbage can. Then, run water through the entire bowl for several seconds to make sure that it is clean. To deep clean a bowl, place it in a container filled with warm water and let it sit for an hour. This will help clear out any extra shisha that may have been missed.

The Base

The base of a hookah, where water is put, should be cleaned daily. The water used for hookah smoking is used as a filter for the smoke, and, as a result, the water will become discolored. To clean the base of a hookah, rinse the inside with hot water and use soap if necessary. No extra amount of scrubbing is necessary, but cleaning the hookah base is fundamental to making sure future smoking sessions are not polluted by previous smoking sessions.

The Stem

The stem of a hookah, where hoses are put in, should be cleaned once a week. While the stem of the hookah does not get extremely dirty, smoke being pulled through the stem causes it to become more brittle unless it is cleaned. A stem brush should be purchased to make cleaning the stem easier. To clean the stem, run hot water through the stem and then use the stem brush to scrub the inside of the stem. Repeat this two to three times.
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