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This website serves to teach the basics on hookah including the parts of a hookah, what shisha is, how to clean a hookah, facts on hookah and what types of bowls are available for hookah. My contact information contains links to websites that I have cited information from, but most information involving mechnical usage of a hookah I have written is a result of first-hand experience with hookah.

What is hookah?

Hookahs are also known as waterpipes. Coals on the bowl of a hookah are used to heat up shisha, which is the nicotine-infused molasses, to create smoke. The smoke from the shisha is then pulled down through, usually, a base of water to filter the smoke. The smoke is then pulled through the hose of a hookah and into the person smoking. For more information on parts, please go to the anatomy section of the website.

Is hookah popular?

Hookah has become more popular for college-aged people living in the United States. According to reports, hookah was popular in Europe before it has started to become popular in the United States. While many people believe that hookah smoke is healthier than cigarette smoke, this is a misnomer. More facts about hookah are examined in this website.
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