A morning on Ocheesee Pond

Why duck hunting?

A photo of me in my hunting gear

Me after a long day of hunting.

My name is Maggie Lynn Rooks and I am a fourth generation duck hunter. The winter Saturdays of my childhood were spent either hunting or waiting for my daddy to get back from his favorite hunting hole. My mama wasn't that interested in any type of hunting, but my daddy and grandfather made it their business to make me fascinated with ducks and shotguns. My daddy taught me to shoot a BB gun and then a 12 gauge shotgun, which is the preferred firearm for duck hunting. Although my daddy supported me in my many activities growing up, such as dance classes and piano lessons, he loved it when I went duck hunting with him. Some of the best memories of my childhood are from waiting for the sun to come up while in a duck blind with my daddy and little brother. Even though duck hunting is typically not considered a hobby for girls, I greatly appreciate the lessons it taught me and the memories it gave me. Now that I am older, I still go hunting with my daddy sometimes, but I usually go with my brother and Harrison, my best friend. Harrison, my brother and my daddy go to Arkansas together twice a year to hunt the rice fields of a family friend. These trips are always the highlights of their year, and it is because of the fun they have while hunting.