How to Identify Deer Sign

This is what you should be looking for:


The picture above is an example of what it looks like when the buck breaks a branch on a tree. This type of sign is for breeding purposes; it is a way for the buck to mark his territory. Scent glands in the eyes and hooves of a buck are spread in this little area by the suitor looking for a mate. The buck breaks the branch with his mouth, and rubs it with antlers. His purpose is trying to show his dominance and get his smell on it. He wants to make his presence known. When a doe is ready to be bread, she will find this scent-marked spot and pee there. The buck will soon return, smell the doe pee, and begin his hunt for her. Usually, you will only see this type of sign during the rut. The rut is what hunters refer to as the time when deer are breeding.


The picture above is an example of when a buck scrapes his hooves in the dirt. It is nothing but a territorial marker. Usually he scrapes just below the branch that has been broken and scent placed on. It is the spot that the doe will pee for the buck to find and know she is around.

Get in your stand at the right times. Check here for deer feeding times and more information.