Interview with Cale Barber

Cale Barber is a Levy County native. Hunting since he was a young boy, he truly loves it. Calling out of work to go hunting is not out of the norm. He has taught many people who are just getting into the sport, and enjoys everything about it. Here is an interview with some basic hunting questions:

Q: How old are you, and long have you been hunting?

A: I am 29 and have been hunting since I was old enough to go with my dad.

Q: Who taught you the things you know?

A: My father taught me everything I know. His father taught him, and I was happy to take on the tradition.

Q: What was the size of your first buck?

A: The first buck I took home was a 4-point, and since then I had the fire. I have never missed a hunting season.

Q: Do you suggest a ground blind or a tree stand?

A: I would suggest you use a tree stand if you have never been hunting before. You have to consider that a deer can smell you from a mile away. A deer can also see you long before you see him. So if you are in a tree, you at least have a chance to get on top of him before he notices anything. Also, if you use a ground blind, you need to get it set up long before Hunting season opens. You should do that so the deer gets used to seeing it there. Deer spook very easily, and will leave an area if they think it has been disturbed.

Q: You said they will smell you, how can you prevent that?

A: If you are going hunting, you should not shower and use your scented soaps beforehand. If you have to shower, just rinse off in the water. If you want to be even safer, you can go to Walmart and get the sent-away they sell in spray bottles. Coat yourself in that before you walk out into the woods. It will help cover your natural smell.

Q: Is there anything else you can buy to help with the hunt?

A: Well there are things like doe urine that you can buy. But many people don’t use this properly. If you are going to use the urine, I suggest you put some on a cloth, and tie that cloth to your shoe. When you walk to your stand, the sent will be drug along the ground behind you. When you get to your stand, tie that cloth to a tree near you. I don’t suggest you directly spray yourself with the urine; that could be unsafe.

Q: How long do you sit in your stand on average?

A: You should sit in you stand at least 3 hours. You want to get out there long before the sun goes down, and stay for however long you can see to shoot. Once night falls, you cannot shoot by Florida State Law.

Q: Is there any time of the day that is better to go and sit?

A: I suggest you check the local lunar schedule. Magazines like Woods and Water make life easy and have the feeding times mapped out for you.

Q: How often do you keep corn out for the deer to eat?

A: You should keep it out as long as you can afford to. With that drought in the mid-west this year, corn prices are through the roof.

Q: If a hog comes around, should you run it off?

A: Yes, if a hog is standing there eating the corn, a deer will not walk up. They will wait for the hog to leave, which could be long after dark.

Q: Do you have any advice for new hunters?

A: Keep your head up. Don’t loose hope if you don’t get a big buck your first time hunting. It takes many skilled hunters years to get their big buck. Just go out as much as you can. The longer you sit out there, the better your chances are.

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