A Day on the River: Kayaking in north central Florida

Tips from the Experts

A turtle sits on a log at Fanning Springs
A turtle sits on a log at Fanning Springs off the Suwannee River.

Whether you're on the water or enjoying the view from the shore, make sure you bring your camera on your river adventures. It's common to see birds and reptiles while on the rivers, so you'll want to be ready to get the perfect shot.

Two local kayakers gave me some great information about kayaking in Florida. They also provided some beginner tips, so take a look below to find out more.

Casey Kochey

"The one thing I never ever leave without is my trusty dry bag," said Casey Kochey, kayak and adventure enthusiast. He said the dry bag gives him the reassurance that his camera and any other equipment he brings on his adventures will be safe and secure. Dry bags are watertight bags used during outdoor activities to protect equipment from being damaged by water.

Casey is graduate student at the University of Florida. He runs a blog that features his outdoor adventures throughout Florida. Some of the topics covered include kayaking, hiking, and camping. In the interview below, Casey talks about when he started kayaking and what he loves about kayaking in Florida.

Lars Anderson

Lars Anderson grew up exploring north Florida by hiking in the woods and paddling on the waterways. Today, he owns Adventure Outpost in High Springs, Fla., where he provides kayakers with the information and equipment they need to start their adventure on the water.

In the video below, Lars talks about why he loves kayaking and some of his favorite spots in north central Florida.