A Day on the River: Kayaking in north central Florida

Kayaks and Equipment

Kayaks Adventure Outpost in High Springs, Fla.
Kayaks outside Adventure Outpost in High Springs, Fla.

If you're traveling on the Santa Fe River, the Ichetucknee River, or the Suwannee River, I recommend using Adventure Outpost. They have kayaks for rent and for sale. They also have equipment such as anchors, dry bags, and hats for sale. Being able to rent a kayak and buy equipment in the same location will make your trip easier and more convenient.

But, just so you have options, Suwannee Canoe Outpost has kayaks for rent.

Adventure Outpost

Adventure Outpost in High Springs, Fla.
Adventure Outpost in High Springs, Fla.

Adventure Outpost is located in High Springs, Fla., about 25 miles from Gainesville. As you enter the driveway of Adventure Outpost, you're immediately greeted by a colorful building with a large front porch. At first glance, it almost looks like a home. Kayaks are strewn about the property along with various outdoor-themed knickknacks.

Lars Anderson, owner of the outpost, said he has wider kayaks and kayaks with larger cockpits. The wider the kayak, the more stability, which means a smaller chance of flipping over. Larger cockpits make it easier to get in and out of the kayak. Stability and ease are both good qualities for beginners. Safety equipment such as paddle floats are also sold at the outfitter.

In the video below, Lars talks about Adventure Outpost and what draws people out to the water throughout the year.