A Day on the River: Kayaking in north central Florida

Ichetucknee River

Close-up photo of crystal clear water at Ichetucknee
Close-up view of the crystal clear water at Ichetucknee Springs State Park.

About six miles of clear, artisan water make up the Ichetucknee River located in Fort White, Fla. As you travel down the Ichetucknee, you'll think you're in paradise. The banks of the river are forested with hardwood trees and carpeted with lush vegetation. There's nothing else quite like being surrounded by this vibrant, natural landscape.

Wildlife is abundant on the river. Turtles swim through the eelgrass just below the crystalline waters. You'll even pass a habitat of rare Silt Snails. These snails are fenced off to protect them from further population decline.

"It's a very special river," said Lars Anderson, avid kayaker. "It's just beautiful."

For more information, visit the state park website.