Learn to Salsa Dance

Dancing is just a 5, 6, 7 Away

Learn how to dance the night away with a Hispanic twist!

Felipe Jimenez and Chante Perry. Photography by Felipe Jimenez Photography and Design. Salsa Caliente Salsa Team Members Felipe Jimenez and Chante Perry dancing at a salsa social.

Enter the fabulous world of salsa dancing! Everything you need to know to get on your feet and moving on the dance floor is less than three clicks away. Before you get started dancing, it's important to know that the short tutorials presented here are applicable for both male and female dancers, and that heels are NOT required for females. Also, despite some misconceptions, you do NOT need a partner to dance these styles. So move some furniture out of the way, be sure to stretch and start dancing! Dale!

As the site monitor I, Cristina Paneque, based this content on research as well as 18 years of personal dance experience in various different styles.