Starved Mother and Child. Photo Courtesy of Naijaland user Akhenatan

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"My first year of primary school, I remember being given a booklet filled with pictures of strangely, fat, sad black babies. As far as I understood it, we were to sell pages out of this little booklet and send the money to these children to get something to eat so they wouldn't die. We each picked a baby for ourselves. The picture of "my" toddler went around in my schoolbag;

I used to wonder if he'd got the food and wondering how he was getting on. That was about as much as I knew about the Biafra war. Apart from an expression that lasted through the seventies, that someone over-thin was 'like a Biafran'"

- The genocidal Biafra War still haunts Nigeria by Chinua Achebe, the Guardian UK, comment by bithick.

The world's eyes were also on Biafra. NGOs flew 250 tonnes of food in every night under AA fire after the Nigerian government blocked sea access.

-- Guardian UK article 'The genocidal Biafra War still haunts Nigeria' by Chinua Achebe, comment by jack55.

Starving Children

Biafran doctor hands out cups containing the daily ration of powdered milk to a line of children at a refugee camp in Anwa, Biafra, Aug. 5, 1968. Image courtesy of Africa Federation>Africa Federation

"I guess my mom was also among them [those who received aid in the war], because she told me they all had kwashiokor!! My Dad who happened to be in charge of egg-yolk powder distribution or something like that happened to save their lives. That's how they met!"

- Biafra: The Nigerian Civil War in Pictures, Nairaland forum, post by binhozie