The Biafra War

A glimpse through pictures and interviews on the Nigerian Civil War

Caption and Image Courtesy

  • 1960 Image: The image shows a handover of power – from James Robertson, the last British governor-general of Nigeria to Tafawa Balewa, the first prime minister of Nigeria. Last week Nigeria celebrated 50 years of independence from the British. Image courtesy of Cassava Republic and caption from Christian Science Monitor.
  • 66/01 Image: Ethnicity plays a huge role in politics in Nigeria, and while the coup in 1966 was not an ethnic group, Northerners saw it as a coup mostly by Igbo officers against Northern officers, leading to the Igbo pogrom in the north. Image graphic courtesy, still to attributed.
  • 66/05 Image: While I placed it with the Igbo pogrom, this was really the Biafra casualty in the war. I have not been able to find photos on the Igbo pogrom, possibly because of less coverage of this sporadic killings. Photo courtesy of Black Past.
  • 1967 Image: Ojukwu declares independence of the Republic of Biafra from the Nigerian government on May 30, 1967. Image courtesy of Africa Federation
  • 68/69 Image: Biafra child suffering from disease called kwashorkoi from hunger and starvation. Image from Yaye Marieba blogspot
  • 1970 Image: Jubilant Nigerians in the capital city of Lagos cheer as they read of the surrender of the rebel Biafran forces, Jan. 12, 1970. Photo and caption courtesy of African Federation.