Was the war a genocide?

The Biafra government accused the Nigerian government of using starvation as a weapon of war. Bomb aircrafts and soldiers targeted schools, houses and hospitals, bombing places where children and innocent civilians lived.

One Nigerian soldier Benjamin Adekunle, nicknamed Black Scorpion was quoted saying that he would shoot anything that moved, whether child or animal.

STERN: What are your troops doing when they march into a town around Port Harcourt, an area where most of the farmers are not Ibos?

ADEKUNLE: We aim at everything that moves.

STERN: Small children tend not to stay put for very long.

ADEKUNLE: I know. I have two myself.

STERN: What will your troops do when you get to the Ibo heartland, that is, to the place populated by Ibos only?

ADEKUNLE: There we will aim at everything even if it is not moving....

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ADEKUNLE: .... I want to avoid feeding a single Ibo as long as this whole people have not given up yet.

- An interview with Stern magazine reporter Randolph Baumann

Nigerian soldier Benjamin Adekunle aka. Black Scorpion
Benjamin Adekunle, Nigerian soldier, aka Black Scorpion, famous for saying he would shoot at anything in Biafra territory that moved. Photo and caption courtesy of Nairaland user Akhenatan
Human right watch organization declare no genocide
16 Jan 1970, Lagos, Nigeria --- Three members of an International Team of Observers reporting in Lagos, right to left, Col. Douglas Cairns of Great Britain; Yngye Berlund of Sweden; and Brig. John Drewery of Canada. As part of an eight-man team that visited the war zones, they said they neither saw nor heard of any evidence of genocide in the eastern Region Nigeria, formerly Biafra. Photo and caption Courtesy of Africa Federation
Biafra Fatalities
Biafran man holding up a girl killed in the Nigerian Civil War. The Nigerian aircraft has been accused of targeted civilians in the war. Photo derived from Biafra Nigeria World Magazine.
Biafra Fatalities
A child bearing burn-marks in the arms of a priest during the conflict in Biafra, a secessionist state in southern Nigeria, circa 1970. Image and caption courtesy of Nairaland user Akhenatan