Pitching 101

How you deliver a fastball

  1. Step onto the pitcher’s mound with your feet shoulder width apart (both feet must be in contact with the rubber)
  2. If you are a right handed pitcher, your right foot should be slightly in front of your left foot and vice versa
  3. To deliver the pitch, step towards catcher with right foot
  4. As you stride, swing your pitching arm forward toward the catcher and up to the sky, in a windmill motion, rotate your hand away from your head, so that the ball is facing second base
  5. Additionally as you stride, rotate your hips 90 degrees
  6. As your stride foot hits the ground, you should be midway through the pitch and your body should be in the shape of a letter X
  7. To complete the pitch, allow your arm to freely swing down towards your hips
  8. As your hand reaches the plane of your hip, flip your wrist while closing your hips (your belly button should be facing the catcher) and allow the ball to roll off of your fingertips
  9. After releasing the ball, finish with your hand at your right shoulder while dragging your right foot in the dirt
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