Pitching 101

How you deliver a dropball

  1. Begin in fastball position
  2. When presenting ball, rotate the ball to dropball grip position, inside glove
  3. As you stride towards your catcher, your stride should be a foots length shorter than a fastball
  4. As you stride, rotate your hips 90 degrees while creating a windmill rotation with your pitching arm.
  5. As your stride foot hits the ground, you should be midway through the pitch and your body should be in the shape of a letter X, while your pitching arm should be on the downward swing to your hip
  6. Just in front of your hip, rotate your thumb down toward the ground while closing your hips (belly button should be facing the catcher)
  7. At the release point, your shoulders should be slightly over your right foot. (slight lean forward without bending at your waist.
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