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Julia's experience in Peru

Peru on world map
Julia studied abroad in Germany

The Story

Julia’s study abroad experience was unique in that she learned more than just the language and culture of Peru. The program, called Spanish and Medicine in Cusco, had both a language and medical component which Julia liked as a pre-med student. By shadowing at hospitals, volunteering at clinics and attending seminars, Julia said she learned a lot about Peru’s health care system. Some of what she learned shocked her and other things impressed her.

Aside from the medical aspect of the trip, Julia also learned a lot about the Spanish language. Although she is fluent in Portuguese and can get by with her Spanish, she went to the country starting at a basic level. Julis said she had never formally taken Spanish and looked forward to learning proper grammer and verb conjugations. By the end of the six weeks, however, Julia said speaking Spanish felt completely natural.

Peru was an obvious choice for Julia because she said it has an amazing culture and many opportunities. Julia got to go on numerous excursions on the weekends with her 25 other classmates. Together they went to Lake Titicaca, the Andes and the Incan ruins. Best of all, Julia got to see the sunrise over Machu Picchu, one of the world wonders.

Julia said the six weeks were not enough time, but the experience helped to complete her college experience. By Studying abroad, she said she developed a different perspective on the world and had an eye-opening experience. Her advice for people studying abroad who are picking a program is to pick one that caters to your interest. Julia did lots of research to find her trip and believes there is a trip out there for everyone.