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Margie's experience in Germany

Germany on world map
Margie studied abroad in Germany

The Story

Margie studied abroad in Germany with a six-week fluency program run by the University of Florida and the University of Mannheim. Although she had studied abroad before, for four months in Spain, this experience was quite different. This time around, Margie lived in a dorm rather than a home stay and was surrounded by mostly Americans. The situation made it somewhat difficult for her to accomplish her goal of integrating into German society.

She did however, improve her language skills due to the intensity of the course and the wonderful instructors. Margie said her program was extremely well organized and planned. Included in the trip was a regional travel pass which allowed her to travel throughout the country and into France. Some of the highlights of her trip included a trip to the Black Forest and visit to the German opera, where Margie and her friends got to dress up.

Overall, Margie loved the country. Although she said it’s different from the more traditional European countries, you get to experience a bustling place filled with intelligent people. If she could redo her experience, however, Margie said she would live in a home stay like she did in Spain. That way, it would be much easier to break out of her American shell and get to know the German people.