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I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain
I studied abroad in Sevilla,Spain

My name is Kristen Morrell. I am a third year political science and journalism major at the University of Florida. During my first year in college, I made the decision to study abroad. I had never been outside of the country before and I wanted to perfect my Spanish. That following summer, I went to Sevilla, Spain with a program called International Studies Abroad (ISA). My experience was absolutely amazing and I wish I could relive it again. Often, I find myself reminiscing about the trip and looking through my many pictures.

Needless to say, studying abroad was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only did my Spanish language skills drastically improve, but I also grew as a person and developed a global perspective. For someone who has lived in Florida her whole life, it was a pretty eye-opening experience. Now I’m more interested than ever in other cultures, languages, traveling and possibly living in another country.

If you came to this website, hopefully you have already made the decision to study abroad and are looking for some help with the planning. If not, let this website convince you that studying abroad is an absolute must on your college to-do list and start the planning now.

Above I have listed four countries. To the left I have listed four people. Feel free to click on a country name or a person and start learning about each traveler's tale. I tried to include people with diverse experiences. Some traveled with an outside program while others traveled with their school. Some went abroad to perfect their language skills while others wanted to expose themselves to another culture. Some studied for just a few weeks while others studied for an entire semester. On this website, you can read their stories, see their photos and hear my interview with each traveler. From hearing the travelers' tales, I hope you develop a better idea of what you want for a study abroad experience. Each traveler has been there, done that and has very good advice for people in the planning process.

So sit back, browse around and immerse yourself in each traveler's story. Who knows, maybe you will have your own traveler tale in the near future and this website will have helped to make it happen!