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Some of you may be thinking ... why peanut butter and jelly?

PB&J is a classic American food and stirs up nostalgic, timeless images of school lunches and picnics in the park.

According to the peanut butter section of Mark McWilliams' "The Story Behind the Dish," peanuts, a native crop of the New World, were a major deal for explorers such as Christopher Columbus.

With the invention of peanut butter, it took many different combinations, including peanut butter and lettuce, peanut butter and ginger, and peanut butter and olives, before we had the perfect combination of peanut butter and jelly, according to McWilliams.

Yet the sandwich has stood the test of time and and become synonymous with childhood and a go-to lunch. Therefore, this website should give the sandwich the long overdue attention it deserves.

Enjoy the website, and happy eating!

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