The Java Draw

It can be hot. It can be cold. It can be blended. It can be strong. It can be weak. Gainesville, Fla., is the home to many things that get your blood flowing. The Swamp, where the Gator football team was undefeated this season. The O'Dome where the basketball team is on a winning streak. Turlington, where brains absorb knowledge. Reitz, where students get involved. But, with all the excitement and involvement sometimes students need an extra kick to get them through those extra study hours.

Coffee is a must in college towns, luckily Gainesville has a lot of different options of where people can buy coffee from. You can buy free trade coffee at local farmers markets or buy a tall, grande or venti from one of the multitude of options that Gainesville offers. You can get espressos, lattes, local and so much more. Welcome to Gville Java House! Explore the site to find out the ins and outs of finding coffee in the home of the Gators along with some other information about coffee.

Photo credit: Arianne Biton

The Gville Java Mission

Whether you are a Gainesville native or new student this site is made to guide you through the ins and outs of finding and ordering coffee in Gainesville.


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