Stephen C. O'Connell Center

Set Crew

Setting a pro table
Kenny Gaudinez and crew member set a score table for a men's basketball game.

Set and Strike are managed by the workforce division of the Dome. After floor crew has come in, a crew of about 10 to 15 people come in ready to set up the rest of the event equipment (not including sound and video stuff). What needs to be set is a little bit different from event to event so I am going to focus on a men's basketball game.

The blue boards around the floor needs to be put down first so pro tables and the score tables can be put onto them (these are the tables that are hooked together and line the court).

The bleachers will come out and have the top side railings put back in, hand rails that go down the stairs put in and tightened, and have the top benches put back in.

Flipping Seats
Christina Harris, Stephanie Zarkis and Gabby Castro flip up the bleacher seats after the bleachers are pulled out. This usually happens a day or two before a set crew.

In the lobbies, turn styles and stanchion need to be set to count the number of people that come in for the game/event. If it is forecasted to rain the day of the event, the crew will set large carpet mats down to help absorb the water that comes in and keep patrons from slipping.

Back in the arena, carpets have to be set on the floor so that the player benches (chairs) can be put down. The stairs that connect level one bleachers and the floor, need to be rolled out and put in place (they also get zip tied to the bleachers to make sure they won't come away from them).

Putting in rails
Jonathan Molina puts in the rails to the level one bleachers after they have been pulled out.

Along the C/D side, padded chairs come out and go behind those pro tables for those people who sit there and folding chairs are set behind those for people who have court side seating.

In the martial arts room, the crew sets folding chairs into rows on the left side of the divider and two tables on the stage for a press conference after the game. On the right side, there are tables in rows and chairs that are set with them for the press to come and write after the game too.

As I said before, the things that need to be set for each event is different, but this is a basic list that needs to be done for a men's basketball game.