Stephen C. O'Connell Center

Floor Crew

The floor crew is made up of only guys. Why? Because the floor comes is big stacks of wood planks that are very heavy. The work is very exhausting because they are so heavy and the planks need to be slammed into the others to fit together properly, and there are a lot of planks that need to be put down. This is not an easy job by any means.

There are two different floors: the volleyball floor and the basketball floor. The floors are stored in a big room on the first level of the O'Connell Center. Each cart that holds the floor planks is about 15,000 lbs., according to a floor member.

A couple of girls come in as well to clean the floor as it is being put down. They also come in before the floor gets picked back up and clean it again and makes sure nothing is on the floor to scratch it while it is being put away.