Basic Horse Care 101

Pasture vs Stable


Image of Horse in Pasture
  • checkmark Must have minimum 500 feet per horse
  • checkmark Must have an overhang or area to protect from the sun
  • checkmark A water source must always be accessible
  • checkmark Check fencing regularly for any cracks or fallen boards that could cause injury
  • checkmark Check for poisionous weeds or shrubs
  • checkmark Rotate horses so grass doesn't get too worn down


Image of Horse in Stable
  • checkmark Must be at least 12 x 12 feet
  • checkmark Horse must be able to comfortably turn around and lay down
  • checkmark Rubber mats to protect hooves
  • checkmark Sand, straw, or wood shavings are appropriate bedding
  • checkmark Must be mucked (cleaned) daily