Basic Horse Care 101


Regular brushing and combing of your horse's coat, mane, and tail is required daily. When retrieving your horse, always lead him from the left side. Tie him up in an escape knot in case of emergency. Thoroughly groom him keep him healthy and prevent injury while riding. Below are essential tools to do so:

Curry Comb

Image of a Curry CombA curry comb is a rubber brush with bristles that is rubbed in a circular motion against the horse's coast. It helps to loosen dirt, grass, shedding hair, and stimulate the coat's natural oil.

Dandy Brush

Image of a Dandy BrushA dandy brush is used to brush off everything from using the curry comb. Always brush with strokes going with the direction of your horse's hair growth.


Image of a CombA comb is used to untangle knots and smooth the hair of your horse's mane and tail. Combs should be used gently as to not pull out any unwanted hair. When combing the tail, never stand behind your horse. Instead, stand to the side and gently pull the tail over to you.

Hoof Pick

Image of Hoof PickA hoof pick is used to clean your horse's hooves (feet). The pointed side is used to pick out dirt, rocks, or anything that may be jammed. The hard bristles on the other side brush of excess dirt and muck.