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Zhang Qiushuang

Zhang Qiushuang (guitar/vocals)

Graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University in 2011 with a degree in engineering, Qiushuang is currently working for a consulting firm in Beijing. His life, apart from being an aspired and talented musician, involves lots of overtime working and business trips. Qiushuang started playing guitar in high school, and immediately found music to be his biggest passion in life. Unlike many of his peers in Beijing who learned guitar by copying chords of other bands one song after another, Qiushuang received formal training in classical music, which later on contributed a great deal to his capability of song writing. Born and raised in Sichuan province in China, a place famous for its laid-back way of living, Qiushuang likes cooking and reading in his spare time.

Yuan Shuai

Yuan Shuai (bass/vocals)

Also graduated from Beijing Jiaotong University in 2011, Shuai was Qiushuang's classmate, roommate and best friend in college. Shuai grew up in Xi'an, China, the ancient capitical city of the country with five thousands years of history. Unlike Qiushaung who's more of a shy and ineloquent person, Shuai is very out-going and energetic, and is always the talker of the band. He was originally a guitar player, and switched to bass after deciding to make music with Qiushuang. Also a brilliant singer and song-writer, Yuan Shuai gives the band a unique multi-layer sound. A sports lover, he now has a job as an electrical engineer.

Zhang Qiushuang

Zhao Jiulong (drums)

The latest member of the band. Jiulong joined Mr. Graceless in the summer of 2009. Prior to meeting Qiushuang and Yuanshuai, Jiulong has already played in several bands, and is comfortable with varied types of music, ranging from heavy metal to jazz. Jiulong brought his talents and experience to Mr. Graceless, which helped improve not only the music, but also the stage performance. Compared to the other two members, Jiulong is the one that's most dedicated to music. He spends most of his time practicing drums and doing shows, and makes a living as a drum teacher.