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Meet the greatest new band in Beijing!

Mr. Graceless 1

The young band Mr. Graceless, formed in August 2008, consists of Zhang Qiushuang (guitar/vocals), Yuan Shuai (bass/vocals) and Zhao Jiulong(drums). With outstanding fine-tuned rock sound and Beatles-like dual vocalists, it wasn't long before Mr. Graceless caught the attention of many music lovers in Beijing. Nowadays, the band has become a favorite among music insiders for its matchless song-writing and brilliant arrangements, and is almost certainly going to become one of China's most important new bands that have emerged in the past five years.

Band name

"Graceless" is from the line "graceless lady you know who I am" in the Rolling Stones song "Wild Horses", a word that the guys felt funny and related to. The guys decided to call themselves Mr. Graceless because they thought the name would be catchy. More importantly, they wanted the name to have a bit taste of the 60s and the 70s.

Mr. Graceless 2

Music style and influences

The band insists on keeping a low-profile, both music-wise and in real life. The lyrics of each song is different, but there are common themes that always go along with their writing, themes about love, youth, curiosity, fantasy...However, philosophy is only part of Mr. Graceless's beauty. What truely makes Mr. Graceless incredible is their music.

Early British rock and punk bands like the Beatles and the Clash have had strong influences on the band's music. Zhao Jiulong's drumbeat is lazy but compact. Yuan Shuai's bass grooves fluctuate from measured plucking to all-out war on his strings while Zhang Qiushuang beats his guitar in his own delicate way. The three of them have proven that the combination of classic old school and modern new wave can be wonderfully harmonious.