Kevina Lee

What you'll need

To the left is a video to introduce you to the materials you'll need to produce Chinese calligraphy. As you'll see, you'll learn about different types of brushes you can use to create beautiful sketches or write Chinese characters. We can take a look at the brushes a little more in the choosing your brushes section of this website.

You can produce Chinese calligraphy on any kind of paper. In the past, the Chinese may have used scrolls to write their messages. In Chinese school, we used very thin paper, almost like gift wrapping paper.

You'll also need the ink, and we'll learn how to prepare that in the next section. Just make sure you are now sitting comfortably with a lot of space surrounding you. Make sure you place your paper on top of something you don't mind the ink running through.

You can buy all these materials and other things in a Chinese calligraphy set from Amazon and other vendors!

Now that you have everything you need, learn how to prepare the ink.